brandtThe Exhibit “For Freedom and Social Justice” is a means to showcase the long struggle of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD). It traces its origins from the 19th century, describes its political and philosophical milieus, and chronicles the transformations it has experienced for over a century of existence, as well as its continuing adaptation and actualization of ideas of social democracy.

In the event, the SPD experience would serve as launch pad to more nuanced engagements between and among target groups such as students, first time voters, reform-oriented organizations, mass movements, and progressives of all ages. Guided walkthroughs, as well as side events such as talks, forums, and workshops, are all conducted with the intent of attaining a deeper understanding of Philippine socio-politico-economic realities, and of expanding the appreciation of socialism and social democracy in the Philippine context.


One Response to “About the Exhibit”

  1. Reinna Bermudez said

    Good day!

    My name is Reinna Bermudez, and I am the current Chairperson of a campus-based political party in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. I would like to ask how will we be able to invite Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and its Exhibit on Social Justice to visit our campus. As part of our service to the UP Diliman studentry, our party would like to showcase this event to our fellow students in order to heighten their awareness with regards to social justice.

    Thank you very much!

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